Straight Talk...Forward Thinking

Straight-Forward Consulting, LLC...

is a full-service management consulting firm established to help small- and mid-size companies compete and win in today’s ever-competitive global marketplace.  Specializing in lean manufacturing, process management, and all aspects of the supply chain, we are ready to help you solve your toughest problems!

With proven success in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, we are adaptable to your unique needs. We realize, especially for small- and mid-sized businesses, that “one size fits all” is not an option.  Sometimes you need a wrench, sometimes you need a hammer. Every situation is different, so every solution needs to be different.  Unique…to your needs. That’s Straight-Forward!

Understand the problem…Fix the problem. ..Sustain the solution.

So, while we have many tools, our methods are Straight-Forward, our style is Straight-Forward, and our results are Straight-Forward.  Real. Reliable. Results.

What's New

June 9, 2015: John Hogg is presenting “Operational Excellence for Service Companies”, highlighting how transaction-intense and service industries can improve their processes to be more productive, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable. Please click here for more information.

June 4, 2015: John Hogg is the featured speaker at the Amherst Chamber of Commerce’s “Tools for Prosperity” series. John presentation, “(WHY?) Would You Do Business with Your Company?” will shine a light on some common practices that many companies have, yet if their customers had a choice, they would not want to pay for such practices. This session will challenge you to rethink some of your core business processes to drive greater profitability for you and greater customer retention. For more information, Click here

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