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Supply Chain Training, Consulting & Staff Augmentation

We train, consult, and provide staff augmentation services across all areas of the supply chain. We address strategic issues as well as tactical issues, so our impact is felt from the boardroom to the shop floor. Some key areas where clients use our services include inventory management, strategic sourcing, procurement, forecasting, materials management, lean manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation.

Lean Six Sigma Training (with Certification) & Consulting

The identification and elimination of waste and variability is a powerful “one-two punch” in the improvement of business process performance. Converging the Lean Six Sigma toolset with the SCOR© Model approach is an industry best practice. We educate your process owners and then “turn them loose” to drive improvement. We lean and/or mentor your teams every step of the way. Results generally include 30%-50% reduction in cycle time as well as significantly increased throughput. Additionally, employee engagement generally skyrockets after lean engagements as front-line workers have a say in how their work gets done.

Does your organization suffer from these wastes?

  • Defects - billing errors, out of spec product.
  • Overproduction – making more than is needed, or making it earlier than needed.
  • Waiting – for coworkers to complete their task.
  • Neglected Employee Creativity - “That’s not my job”.
  • Transportation – excessive product movement.
  • Inventory – filling another warehouse is not the answer!
  • Motion - excessive bending, stretching, reaching, or walking around of employees.
  • Extra Processing - redundant data entry in various systems, multiple approval layers

Lean Six Sigma Training (with Certification) & Consulting

The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR©) Model is a cross-industry process model that drives significant, measureable impact in supply chain performance. This model works just as well for the service industry as the manufacturing sector. Our team is trained in the deployment of this model to deliver results, from identification of the supply chains, to obtaining executive alignment, to benchmarking, to implementing process design to closing performance gaps. We can show significant results in responsiveness (cycle time reduction), reliability (perfect order attainment), as well as asset and cost reduction.

Lean Six Sigma Training (with Certification) & Consulting

Our ISO training covers the various standards- from quality management to medical devices, and everything in between. We also provide “Train the Auditor” training to enable you to maintain internal talent to keep your documentation and your processes in synch.

Packaging Optimization, Distribution Network Optimization, and LTL Freight Optimization

The efficiency of any company’s supply chain is a factor of its distribution network (how far the product moves and how many times it is handled) as well as the physical characteristics of the product and the box it is shipped in (shape, size and density). We optimize both your manufacturing and distribution network, as well as your packaging. Both the packaging and the network optimizations can drive total supply chain savings of 5%-10%. We can also reduce your LTL freight spend by up to 30% by making a few simple, easy to implement changes. Both the packaging and the LTL optimization offerings are risk free-the analysis is done by us, at our expense. If we can’t find you any savings, you don’t pay. Period.

Strategic Sourcing

Most companies leave money on the table by ignoring opportunities to leverage their spend and consolidate suppliers. Our team is trained to capture every dollar for you. We use a structured, proven process to minimize your spend and maximize your profits.

Sustaining Change- The Learning Organization…“The Soft Stuff is the Hard Stuff!”

A company’s ability to learn is one of its most sustainable competitive advantages. Many times organizations succeed or fail depending on human factors, such as skills, attitudes and organizational culture.  Performance improvement can be best sustained through the efforts of teams which utilize methodologies and tools that are influenced by these human factors. 

Organizations are made up of individuals. However, organizations don’t learn as individuals; they learn as teams. We can provide a multitude of technical skills, but the personal and interpersonal issues that impact the technical training must be understood and optimized. It is the sum of all team learning that defines organizational success or failure.  

Executive Coaching

While it is usually more effective to address team-based issues, we occasionally have to provide targeted performance management development for particular valued employees. We have models that create action plans for identified employees. The intention is to build a foundation that fosters better communication and behavior, proactive management and collaboration with others. The coaching is provided to identify and sustain the changes required for improved business performance.

Grant Writing

We provide grant writing and grant contract administration services. We have extensive experience working with New York State Department of Labor grants as well as Empire State Development grant programs. In addition, we also process safety and health grants. Once a grant contract is awarded, we continue to work with the organization to ensure they meet all contract compliance regarding documentation and reimbursement.
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